Interview:Pulavar Kannaiyan

by Sugadev for

(excerpts from his Tamil article)

Stone inscriptions are key to the past and palmleaf manuscripts are messengers of ancient knowledge. It is almost impossible to unravel the ancient knowledge base without these fragile leaf inscriptions. These manuscripts are only the tip of the ice berg of ancient Indian wisdom. So says, Mr.P.Kannaiyan of Mayilam, Tamilnadu. He is still active at the ripe age of 75, cooking on his own, practicing Siddha medicine. Kanniyan has written several articles in Tamil daily Dinamani on Tamil Palmleaf Manuscripts. He is a freelancer. However, he assisted the scholars at Tamil University of Tanjore for several years at the Department of Manuscriptology. Mr.Sugadev interviewed him in Mayilam at his home. The conversation was in Tamil.

The audio files are given below for your listening.

Part 1.
Part 2.

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