Welcome to the Voice of Tamil Heritage

Voice of Tamil Heritage is the newest blog from Tamil Heritage Foundation to display its involvement in Tamil Heritage e-preservation. This new blog will speak and network all audio resources of Tamil Heritage.

If you find an interesting website with Tamil Heritage Material, especially music (vocal, instrumental) please inform us by sending us an email.
Visit our contact section and send us the information.

[we have separate blogs for Heritage Images and Heritage Audiovisuals where you can archive your "photo/scanned images from old books/paintings" and video clips of any cultural event (example: ceremonies at home, private music/dance recitals, village festivals, temple festivals etc.)]

If you have an essay of your own or a reproduction from another site, please forward it us using the same facility. Do not forget to quote the original source, as Tamil Heritage Foundation respects Intellecual Property Rights. We want to always acknowledge the person or the original source in our site.

We plan to introduce as much original music/voice/instrumental in this blog as possible. Hence, if you have a piece of good music of your own or a reproduction from an old recording, please contact us. We shall preserve them and display here. Once again, never forget to cite the original source.

Let us create a useful web resource here which will introduce Tamil music, tamil discourses, audio novels, audio short stories, audio poetry, instrumental music, folk arts etc.

Your contribution is as vital as ours. Hence Welcome to Muthusom Music. Muthusom is an old tamil word for our Heritage. So Muthusom Music means, the music of our land.



THF goes blogging!

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